hello, kamusta ka

Born and raised in Atlanta, GA to Filipino parents—I'm as rare as they come!  Whether it's hanging out at a Filipino gathering with a roasting pig in the yard or eating at Waffle House—any time of the day, mind you—I embrace both my heritage and my hometown with my love of food! There's not one thing I wouldn't eat or I should say try. 

Christmas, kids and trees are also as equally important to me!  I volunteer my time to several local organizations, such as The Empty Stocking Fund, Trees Atlanta and Girls on the Run. It's fulfilling to know that just your presence or your lending hand goes a long way for someone else. 

If food, Christmas, kids and trees aren't enough, here are a few fun facts about me that should be an ice breaker. Or if all that was enough for you, download my resume to learn about how I earn a living. 

  1. I once went skydiving and only once.

  2. I've run one half-marathon and walked three.

  3. Rice cures everything for me—emotionally and physically.

  4. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.

  5. My real favorite book is Scar Tissue.

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